Wall install of timber assemblage made from scrap yard collectings.Keebers scrap yard in Murwillumbah re-sells usable parts of demolished houses. Bits of old Queenslanders and cane cutters’ cottages, DIY renovator’s delight. The man who runs Keebers is polite and bemused when I go in and ‘clean up’ around the area where he pulls old nails out of planks. I like the pot-luck findings – produced by chance and circumstance. Wall hanging collages. I installed the show and took a few snaps on my water damaged phone. Room sheet statement below.

The timber used in these assemblages was found under my house, an 80 year-old Queenslander, or has come from friends’ renovations or from a local scrapyard dealing in second-hand timber, mostly sourced from demolished houses in the Murwillumbah area.
These discarded and rediscovered materials are worn, containing clues to their histories in their patinas and idiosyncratic markings, much like people do. What stories have they witnessed as elements in walls and floors? And before that, as trees in unknown locations?
The assemblages explore the fine lines between balance and imbalance, harmony and discord; they celebrate the unique markings etched by life and acknowledge the negotiation between wildness and domesticity in the self and in our interactions.


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