Tread Lightly (on Buddha’s Tears)

In May I made a short video piece which was shown at Murwillumbah Experimental Film Shorts at the Regent Cinema, Murwillumbah. The theme of MEFS was sustainability.

It is a visual response to three sound pieces sourced from Disquiet Junto. What caught my attention was the way these sound artists responded to each other in their work. San Franciscan Marc Weidenbaum’s disquiet Six String Buddha  was reworked by Hideyuki, in Japan, for his piece for the Incidental G disquietKeithysDunimselfaMischief, Australia, reworked Hideyuki’s disquiet into Buddha’s Incidental Fallen Fruit Injuries. I was struck by three things about the Disquiet Junto community. Firstly, the good natured and healthy sharing of ideas and content (all uploaded sound is encouraged to be available to others under Creative Commons licence),  secondly, the artistic economy this kind of responsive conversation employed – how great ideas expand and change as they are explored. Thirdly, as I was thinking about how sustainability is a kind of key concept of our times, and how this would slowly infiltrate daily consciousness and many aspects of culture including creative process, that here was a perfect example of this.

I took a little poetic licence by putting Marc’s piece in the middle, Hideyuki’s first and Keithy’s last. It just seemed to better fit the video narrative in that order.

In response to the constraint defined nature of Disquiet Junto,  I applied my own by using only a small pool of footage I had recently taken and editing it to the sound cues.

Wear headphones or plug in the good speakers if you can to get the full dose of sound.




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